Pandemic Story

Nayarit Mexico 2019\21

George Berg , always gentle on my mind…dD

My my my…it was just moons ago that George was alive, smiling, promising me all would be as I left it upon my return after the Summer heat and humidity subsided at Playa La Manzanilla and sending me off to California.

Now, I sit in Mexico City. George is dead and gone except for his sombrero that he gave me after burning a hole in it.

George Berg w/ dDelany
George Berg w/ dDelany

dDelany in his studio at Playa Manzanilla looking over Matanchen Bay to San Blas and the Pacific Ocean. Blessedly there were no neighbors and few visitors. Covid was devouring thousands of lives each day. People were in a panic. No vaccine was available and there was no end in sight. Yet during the months from April 2020 to June of 2021 while the pandemic raged dDelany was producing paintings infused with the vibrant colors of Mexico at a prodigious rate. Frankly, there was little else to do.

It all began on an uneventful morn when dDelany sailed out to sea under the red span of the Golden Gate Bridge. Over the course of the next two months it would become clear to him that a sailboat has no room for painting. And that the possibility of drowning inspires only fear and bickering in close quarters.

Opting for the mainland he arrived in the port city of San Blas where he began to paint at the Colonial Hotel and by chance was introduced to George Berg by another occupant. Both being artists, from the first there was an easy rapport between the two. When the Hotel closed for Christmas dDelany found himself guest and companion with George and Kincho, the mexican hired hand.

Continuing his travels after the holidays and before Covid exploded on the scene dDelany made his merry way to a fiesta down the coast a piece where the wine flowed and the music played all night. During the day he painted murals on the master of ceremonie’s walls. Saint Patty’s day terminated with a hangover and Covid 19 loose upon the world. It was made clear to him that he must shelter in place.

At the George’s gate before the Saint’s day was 24 hours behind him he was waved into the house without a word. And there he stayed, painted, conversed and aided wherever he was able. He was able in the main to keep a rolling bilingual banter going with George and Kincho that was appreciated and became a staple of the three men’s day to day month after month. They were a fine crew aboard a magical ship and they weathered every storm while making fast their friendship.

Lovely days gentle nights
Lovely days gentle nights
Unleashed creativity & sunshine
Unleashed creativity & sunshine

When dDelany was lucky enough to be fully vaccinate for a birthday celebration with an online lass and a week later touching down in Oakland California. He was riding pretty high and decided to return to George’s pirate ship after spending the Summer in the good ol USA.

Hombre propone y dios dispone or Man proposes and God disposes. Within weeks he was racing to complete his errands pack his belonging and race back to George’s bedside. George had in fact fallen into dDelany’s bed and was not looking like he was going to leave it alive. The day George died dDelany had only reached Mazatlan. It was early in the morning and storming. A light rain fell as he was accompanied by the guard to the parking to take his car south for the funeral. He was asked by the guard, ” Porque sale tan temprano?” Why are you leaving so early? Well, you see my friend George died.. just then the sky cracked and boomed with thunder! Without missing a beat the guard replies “Esta bien venido.” He is well received. And so it is.

I didn’t say much about the evolution of dDelany’s work over time. How the pieces grew in size and color. The way George would admire the work and allow the mess adding as he passed by the door, “More blue.” He slipped down a slippery road of dementia. He told me how he heard his own voice echo in his head. He loved his animals with all the passion that was left in him. He had a temper but was always so quick to apologise one had no time to hold a grudge. his wit, humanity and sense of humor not to mention generosity and open mindedness made all the work dDelany did during those 15 months possible, necessary.

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American Artist 1959-

15 thoughts on “Pandemic Story

  1. David’s work is reminiscent of the great French and Spanish “masters.” He has the soul, spirit, fun and panache in all his work. He engages with his joyful personality then spiritually aligns as he paints. We are so blessed to have him contributing to lighten these dark times. I am going to buy at least one. Join me. We can have one dancing with us, reminding us to lighten and play!

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  2. Un tratto delicato e particolare, carico di reminiscenze artistiche di nota fama e al contempo unico e pregno di personalità. David riesce a cogliere l’essenza ultima dietro ai lineamenti dei volti, alle curve sinuose delle cosce e delle spalle, agli sguardi ridotti a fessure monocromatiche eppure colmi di espressività. Un talento immenso che si esprime con una incredibile semplicità.

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  3. Truly Gifted. Your art is so thought provoking and begs for the viewer to look into not only her soul, but that of all of humanity with compassion love and acceptance. How often do we get the opportunity to be wowed?

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  4. David! She arrived! The Divine magic you captured blesses our home. Her lightness of being radiates delight & possibility. She inspires each present moment we stop to BE in – and what a gift her presence through your hands and heart. So much gratitude! Endless Love, Jan


  5. Hey, how are you doing..?
    Great I hope…
    Juan Estrada. I met you at manzanillo beach, about 2 weeks ago… With my little daughter, Damhar…
    Such great work… Close to what I imagined.
    Casual abstract…like what I achieve when I dare to attempt… Health and good wishes!

    Liked by 1 person

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