Duke Ellington kissed me

I was married to a Madrileña for 7 years. We lived, loved and argued in Spain where I learned to speak fluent Spanish and some love lessons.

My first-second language was Italian which I learned to speak with relatives in Ticino, Swiss Italy.

My first and forever love is Art. I have been enamored with artmaking since college and have never stopped since I graduated.

I have traveled quite a bit and painted all along the way. I lived in Brazil for 6 months with a residency at the CCBB in Brasilia painting portraits and abstracts, absorbing the pais tropical.

I painted tribals by the roadside in Cambodia and Vietnam and spent years painting amazing India, Hawaii, Mexico, Guatemala, and Argentina.

I have stories. I collect stories now. I write and use filmmaking to uncover fascinating stories.

Performance is calling me and music. 

The process of creativity is a song, the humanity of it. The bones of it beat like a heart. 

Now for something completely different but musical:

Duke Ellington kissed me on the forehead!  I was 10. My mother moved us to Berkeley, which was integrated. Duke came to see the Black and White children together and he kissed me!

I stopped traveling 3 years ago to come home to Berkeley and be close to Alice.

Alice is like a child at 94. She lives in a 5-star hotel for people who can't remember much of anything at all. I visit her almost every other day. Now and again I take a week or two for myself and visit the Sierra or friends in the US.

I take jobs I think I can learn something from: I taught creativity to 12-year-olds. And work on other producers film projects from time to time.

I am becoming a pretty good sailor and plan to sail away when Alice is ashes in a jar at the Chapel of the Chimes.

That all. That's not the half of it.



AMA (ask me anything) interview


Do you get negative feedback for your work sometime?

How do you deal with it?

I want to take this opportunity to plug  Marshall Rosenberg.  Here is a LINK to his videos on YouTube. His POV has changed my life and I am just one of many in that regard.

He inspires me to "Natural Giving" and was the impetus behind The Rabbit Ears I put on. When I put on what Marshall calls "a revolutionary technology" I don't hear criticism or negative feedback. I only hear that the person in front of me is in some kind of pain. At that time the best option I have, Marshall says, is to show empathy and discover in the other the "Unmet Need."   He calls this negative language "Jackel speech, a tragic, suicidal, expression of an unmet need.."  Jackel thinking and speech are, "I'm right, You're wrong", and "I'm a winner, You're a loser." He proposes we learn a new language, which he calls "Giraffe." He has taught this language to individuals and warring tribes to effectively mediate their differences. For me, it is truly the language or peace & Love. Try it.