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David Delany 6.25.18

Morro Bay @ the Sun and Bun Bakery.

Nice old shop here in quiet Morro Bay. We pulled in on the Puffin at 9 p.m. After we docked at the Yacht Club I walked over and saw they were still open “We sell a lot of ice cream.”  said Erica the counter girl.

We left Santa Barbara in the  predawn dark yesterday. The 30 hours leading up to departure we're all raucous: bus ride down from Oakland “Oh my God, shut the fuck up!” exclaimed a black woman at her wits end listening to two Latinas motor mouthing at 4am. I laughed. I had “slept” all the way to Santa Maria!

Santa Barbara is memories. Robinson and Sunny are dead. Merche is home in Spain.  Ted and Brendan met me at Brophy's, then Stuart arrived with family. They took me to Val and Eric's for dinner with Claudia. Claudia got me back to the Puffin around 9 p.m.

Captain Chris steered us out of the harbor. 1st Mate Slavek arrived the day before from St. Louis.  Chris sleeps in fore birth. I took the birth midships, at the dining area and Slovak sleeps astern past the galley. The head is next to the galley. The boat’s space flows well. The wood interior and thoughtful details are comforting. We motor then sail toward Point Conception, soft southerly winds at our back


Slawek Przemyslaw & "Puffin" Capt. Chris Hall


 The Puffin / Alden 44

The Puffin Cabin Interior

We see dolphins! They are swimming alongside us, diving under and around us then again coming right at us! Hero's!  Calvary, black and off-white, sleek and powerful. A joyful sight! I was in heaven. Dolphins are heros! I was high as kite, then I got SICK.

My coffee came out then nothing but dry heaves. I was useless, weak. Slawek suggested I look to the shore. I concentrated on the approaching Point Conception. It was a friendly, ineffectual crocodile to me. I took the Dramamine with a sip of water. It came up into my mouth and I swallowed it again and again. Finally, it went over the edge too. I was falling like a stone. Being born again. Into the sweet, new form. The sea was rough at this point. Hell is being sick on a rough sea.  CRACK!!! ... the backstay snapped, well partially. It must have calmed after that. I crawled into my bag below and didn't come out until we motored into Morro Bay. I have rested, walked around, recovered. It looks like we could be here for a while. Maybe I bus home from here. it's an adventure, shit happens.

Refills are free at the Sun and Bun. The help is friendly. We are safe. The morning is foggy as it should be. My face is a little sunburned. The phone is charging. I'm looking forward to seeing the video of the Dolphins and such.  

The best thing about an adventure is what it does to you. You change on the molecular level. Last night I felt like a caterpillar crawling into the chrysalis. I dreamed that I kissed Mina, sweet Minabird. I held her face in my hands. It was so small, like a doll. We were kissing when I woke up.

I got here at the Sun and Bun to order sticky buns. Sticky buns stick to your fingers and you lick them. Butterflies and moonbeams... okay enough of all that, let's see what's on the phone!

Sail-log 6.25.18

Monday Afternoon

Motor to anchorage at San Simeon


San Simeon Anchorage

The guys removed a useless satellite antenna to reveal hardware they used to tighten the backstay. We  disembarked for San Simeon (4 hrs.) Then next leg is Monterey (14 hrs.) Either my molecules have rearranged or Dramamine really works. I felt fine riding the 6 foot swells. We passed along the California coast, arrived at San Simeon Anchorage at sunset. The shadows were long. The California Landscape of Ray Strong's paintings bold & soft. Lovely, smooth, brown hills with deep green clefts tucked into the whole, rising to a peak. Lovely, denuded, at rest, from the water more so. Two boats at anchor, one sail, one fishing. The water like glass, reflecting the last rays of sunlight, splashing color everywhere, that way.

ray strong painting
Ray Strong Painting

We had a hearty meal down below. Chris made pasta with bolognese sauce. I contributed another salad with turmeric dressing.  Slawek made tea after he did the dishes. We had a nice conversation about family and community.

(Video) Approach to San Simeon 4:56

Video from a moving boat has the advantage of a long pan. When we arrived at San Simeon at dusk, approaching from sea in a slow-moving boat the camera pans left  catching the changing viewpoint: the light on the water, the fog, the approaching land in warm light. Then returning the pan to the right it sees these things again but closer now for the approach of the boat.

We spent a peaceful night and morning rocking gently at anchor aboard The Puffin.

(Video) 360 of anchorage 1:11


San Simeon to Monterey 14 hrs.

We are underway, blowing through six foot swells coming from the same Northwest direction we're going. The Dramamine is working. I feel fine in the rough sea.

Puffin has a motor under her sink in the galley. It is painted bright red. The little red engine that could I call it. She motored the 14 hrs to Monterey from San Simeon. We saw more dolphins and whales in the sea so deep and so wide. You want to take a picture or  record it in some way but you can't. The time goes by quickly for me because I never want it to end and it always does.

We are now at port in Monterey, at rest. Sunlight sends long shadows across the dock platform. The boats are creaking. The sun is setting again. It's 7:30, we have another 45 minutes of this lovely light.


I began taking photographs with the camera in the Panorama view at anchor, 360s of the view from Puffin result in 10:1 horizontal images.

(Jpg) Harbor view

While underway the movement of the boat trips the software to create Cubist Concoctions, some of them keenly interesting.

(Jpg) “Cubist Waves”

(Jpg) “Puffin Cockpit @Sea”

The day on the water today was a trip up the California coast, a coast I know well from land but not at all from the sea. The mountains that rise up behind the striking CA coastline are primary from the sea. The peaks like Pico Blanco tell of when Spanish galleons made their way along this coast and named the prominent points of reference. Points on land are sometimes visible. We saw the Big Sur Bridge, the Carmel Mission and Pebble Beach.  I was trying to locate Andrew Molera State Beach. I think I found it, but does it really matter? The past is just a goodbye.

(Jpg) Sketchbook CA. Coast

(Jpg) Puffin at rest in Monterey Harbor

Below the yellow winch in front of the SandBar Grill I sit aboard Puffin @ Monterey Harbor. Monterey is a large working harbor the fisherman are up and out predawn. The winch house is open. The skies are overcast. The morning chill is in the air. I hear seagulls seeking craft over the hum of the winch house. It's impressive how sound carries so crisply over water.

On shore in Monterey I make my way to the McDonald's for Wi-Fi, start a conversation with a Spanish-Speaker, a man from Oaxaca. In the shower I sing a Martin Luther King speech, “ ...longevity has its place... but I'm not concerned with that tonight. I'm not worried about anything now.  I'm not fearing any man. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord!”


Monterey to Santa Cruz

/ 4 hrs. / 10-12 knots / overcast good visibility /

We are 2/3 of the way to Santa Cruz We are surrounded by WHALES.  Whales all around us. One came right up to the boat! Amazing creatures. I am in heaven one more time.

Approaching Santa Cruz we have sun and good wind. Fine sailing. We see the boardwalk and the little lighthouse at the harbor entrance.

Dinner with John and Barbara at their colorful whimsical home in Scotts Valley.



Santa Cruz Harbor

Aboard Puffin the sun is trying to burn through the morning fog. It will happen. Fishermen are baiting hooks motoring out to sea, four Asian men in khaki, three white men with ponches and beards, one loan fellow, another. They go to fish.

I relax on Puffin watching the sun play with the cloud cover. There is a bit of blue patch Inland. We are prepared for a sunny day. Anointed with sunblock. Breakfast of oatmeal and banana, nuts and raisins, coffee.

We're at Harbor. Being a harbor is like being half dressed. Part of me is ready to go out and the other half wants to go back to bed, to sea. Desires are like tidelines, flow meets ebb and forms an eddy, a harbor. Intention is at half-mast, divided. It's natural to want to go explore on shore, but I’ve seen it all before. “One more time” I hear myself say. “This time will be the right time.” I stay on board until the sun breaks through. A woman rows a scull by, then another. I’ll paint that, then go.

(Jpg) painting 01

(Jpg) painting 02

Sail.log 6.29.18


Santa Cruz to Half Moon Bay

4.5 hrs. / Sunny / light 10-15 kn / 6ft /

We left Santa Cruz Harbor at 4 a.m. The engine stops a wee bit out and captain Chris went below to make some noises with the wrenches and she soon she started again. Now, underway crashing through 6 ft swells. Puffin is doing 5 knots, rocking, slamming and crashing. I am horizontal. All is well….Yet.

Nature is calling. A trip to the head is imminent. A delicate task under the best of circumstances, tis a challenge over a rough sea.  I delicate balance. Twas a fine sailor, aye, Capt. Thomas Petty who said, “The wiping is the hardest part.”



Half Moon Bay to SF Bay

Brickyard Cove  Richmond