David Worm talks Spirituality, Improvisation and Circle Singing

" It's my spirituality. It's where I find and resonate with the god, goddess, whatever it is out there that defines spirit. The circle, in nature it is the most perfect thing. It is what we are composed of, the cells. The circle, you don't have to choose a side. It's freedom. It's equality. It's all that. "

 Delany talks film's intention to focus on healing, celebration & community

"I love it. I'm devoted to it. I want to focus on how it can make us happier human beings or at least not so miserable."

 Oskar Boldre acknowledges Bobby McFerrin & talks conducting circles

 " If we are still talking Circle Songs 30 years after his first experiments with Voicestra it's thanks to him. Thank you, Bobby."

Kirsten Rendell expat, new mother says: "I could do this every day" after her 1st-time experience singing in Daphne & Chiara's Rome circle

 Daphne Nisi and Chiara Cortez tell of their beginnings with circle singing after taking a workshop with Rhiannon. They now hold a circle in Rome, perform and offer workshops.


 Rizumik talks about the importance of flow. An amazing talent and teacher now performing in Cirque du Soliel laying down the beats.

 Bryan Dyer talks the versatility of Circle Singing for both amateurs and professionals. Taped in Ghana during Body Percussion Festival 2018